The four new buildings will provide around 464  new homes.  There will be a range of accommodation varying from 1-3 bedroom dwellings.  The mix will include affordable homes and family sized accommodation, of which there is a shortage in Croydon.

The redevelopment of Woburn and Bedford Court will ensure that residents have a better quality of life. The facilities in the two storey podiums along the front of Wellesley Road will be a welcome upgrade to current local amenities for residents and local people and could include social areas, co-working, auditoriums and commercial units.

On the ground floor of the building facing Wellesley Road will be a community hub. This social area will be professionally run by The Really Local Group, a company that has worked in many parts of the UK providing community cinemas, coffee shops and food markets as well as providing spaces for relaxation, community events and private use.  At a time when Croydon has had its fair share of challenges, we want this scheme to bring the community together. 

The Really Local Group will work with Croydon's community groups and provide them with a much-needed 'home'.